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Chris Kringle will offer children and adults alike a truly magical experience they will always treasure.

Chris gives each child the individualized attention they deserve, and brings the magic of Christmas to his visits and to the hearts of those who see him. He is available for a variety of different events, including sneak-peak visits on Christmas Eve/Morning. Visit the Events link to learn more!


For the day of the event, everyone who wants to visit with Santa will get a chance. Chris is available for all of the photos you would like to take, ie., group shots, individual, etc. To help make the experience even more memorable, Chris will pass out gifts, if you have those available to him the day of his visit. He will also kneel down to children's levels to make sure they're comfortable with Santa. 

Whether you would like Santa at your company party, or would like to see that extra sparkle in your child's eyes, Chris will provide an enchanted experience for all ages and leave the magic of Christmas forever in their hearts. 

Don't just take our word for it, check out what other folks have to say about their experience on Gigsalad.

The Real Santa Experience

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